Louder Than War

Rave review for XTC Bumper Book in Louder than War

Thanks to Dave Jennings of Louder than War for this stunning review of The XTC Bumper Book of Fun for Boys and Girls.

An outstanding record of a superb band . . . invaluable . . . underlines the value of what Mark Fisher did then and is doing now by re-issuing a deluxe version . . . a unique chronicle of the development of XTC . . . the post-English Settlement narrative unfolds as if we were re-living it . . . so much better than a biography . . . a genuine pleasure to read again . . . a fascinating insight into the new Moulding/Chambers project . . . an essential read for anyone who has an interest in music from that era . . .the music publication of the year.

The full fantastic review is here.

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About the author

MARK FISHER is a freelance theatre critic and feature writer based in Edinburgh and has written about theatre in Scotland since the late-1980s. He is a theatre critic for The Guardian, a former editor of The List magazine and a frequent contributor to the Scotsman and other publications. He is the co-editor of the play anthology Made in Scotland (1995), and the author of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide (2012) and How to Write About Theatre (2015) – all Bloomsbury Methuen Drama. While at school, he set up the XTC fanzine Limelight, which he republished as The XTC Bumper Book of Fun for Boys and Girls (2017). He followed that with What Do You Call That Noise? An XTC Discovery Book (2019). In 2020, he launched What Do You Call That Noise? The XTC Podcast.

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